Рыжков В. А. (cts3402) wrote,
Рыжков В. А.


Есенинский "Клён, ты мой опавший":

Maple thou my naked, maple icy, freezing.
Why are you bending over in the snow blizzard?
Are you seeing something or you’ve heard a swish?
It’s as if you are walking out of your leash.
Like a drunken watchman in a way forbidden,
In a drift you drowned with a leg frostbitten.
Nowadays I’m also being so unstable,
Hardly can get home from a banquet table.
Here I met a willow, there a pine was greeted
With a song of summer in the freezing blizzard.
I myself seemed being just as you, but groomed,
Not without foliage but bright green and blooming.
Lacking any shyness, stupefied pretty,
As a someone’s woman, I embraced a birch tree.
Tags: maple, sergey esenin, Клён ты мой опавший, Сергей Есенин

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